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Grounded in the Word ... Going forth in Christ

        Welcome to the website of Victory Baptist Church in Longview, Texas.  Here you will find information to learn more about our church and stand for Jesus Christ.  Victory Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental Baptist church.  We make no apologies for using the King James Bible, for singing hymns and non-contempory music, and for believing in living a Godly lifestyle in church and in public. We believe in door-to-door soul winning and preaching the whole gospel of Christ. We believe in world-wide missions and currently support twenty-five missionaries around the globe.  We hope that you will consider visiting our services.

      We believe the Bible is the verbally inspired and divinely preserved Word of God. It is God's instruction book for our lives, therefore we believe in learning and teaching the Word of God and how to apply it to our lives. God's view (as identified in His Word) is quite different from the world's view on how His Word should be applied. Come learn the difference.

Pastor Robert Page
I Thes. 5:18